I'm currently in my junior year and I intend to major in CS. Are there any suggestions for extracurricular that can help me with my college app?

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Lisa Buchwalter Answered a year ago

There are many ways to improve your chances to be directly admitted into a CS major.  One way is to take extra courses during the summer or during your break. There are many free courses online. If you have the resources, it can enhance your application quite a bit by taking an extensive course on a college campus. Excellent courses are available at Carnegie Mellon, Brown University, Columbia, MIT, SUNY Stoneybrook, U Penn, U Mich and others. If you cannot afford this expense, there are many courses online that are more cost effective.

Another way to enhance your application is to get an internship at a tech firm. If you have any family or family friends who work at an interesting company, see if you are able to help them out in any way. Even shadowing someone at a tech company will give you good experience. You can also show your commitment to CS by tutoring younger students. Consider organizing a group of local younger students or students with no CS background whatsoever and teach them to code. A popular group in the US is Girls Who Code. This is a very popular topic. If there is nothing like this in your community, consider starting a club either for girls or for younger students who would not otherwise have access to learning to code.

It will also enhance your application to develop your own app or game, even if it is something as simple as Tic Tac Toe. Showing initiative is a valued skill in the application process. Going above and beyond whatever is required is one way to distinguish you from the rest of the excellent students who are applying to this major.

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