What is ChanceMe

What is ChanceMe?

ChanceMe is a Q&A platform where Indian high school students and their parents can get answers on international college admissions from experts. The community of experts providing the responses are certified education planners, experienced independent consultants and Indian students who have successfully been through the journey. This is a free platform where students can search the existing Q&A or ask new questions.

Who are the experts providing responses?

Experts are on-boarded by invite only and typically are US College Educational Planners, experienced independent consultants and students who transitioned from Indian high schools to US colleges. Experts receive appreciation for their responses through ‘UpVotes’ Experts can also be contacted for paid guidance by the student. ChanceMe will not get involved or require a cut for paid engagements between experts and students. If you would like to participate as an expert, please email us at contact@chanceme.in for more information.

What problem are we addressing?

There’s a lot of online information on US college admissions but none focused on Indian high school students. Experts well versed with the Indian schooling system and the culture who also understand the dynamics of international college admissions process are a few and difficult to identify.

What is our mission?

We believe that quality information and advice should be available to every hardworking student with a “dream” for global education. ChanceMe is a result of “our dream” to offer reliable and up to date answers to questions on international college admissions.

What are some example questions I can find answers to?

There are 1000’s of Q&A on ChanceMe but here are just a few for context.

  • Are Harvard interviews really selective? If yes, to what extent are they selective – is everyone interviewed either admitted or waitlisted?
  • Are Indians underrepresented at Liberal Arts Colleges? Do Indians have a decent chance of getting in? I want to major in math in a good liberal arts college.
  • How can you get into a good college when attending a bad high school? I go to a small high school in a rural town. It doesn’t offer A.P. classes and no good extracurricular activities.
  • Do we need to send the projected scores of 12th finals along with 12th half yearly? Or will 12th half yearly suffice? I am applying early. Thanks in advance.
  • How do the colleges verify our claims of social service/leadership/extracurricular activities?
  • I am a student studying in the CBSE curriculum in India. I have been accepted to Purdue Engineering which was my safety. Can my admissions be rescinded if I don't score well in 12th?